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An enchanting 18th century borgo

Overlooks the beautiful Tuscan valley of the Casentino

Close your Eyes ...

Imagine the Impossible … .. Open them slowly …. and … Fly !!!

Only that it won't be you to choose Borgo Tramonte.

because Borgo Tramonte has already chosen you. .

Wanted nature lovers ... ..and good food!

Here you will experience a different lifestyle, you will feel more vital and relaxed

Welcome in Casentino!

Even your good awakening is important for us … ..no time!

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Wanted nature lovers … ..and good food!

Here you will experience a different lifestyle, you will feel more vital and relaxed, just by being surrounded by nature, with its sounds, its scents, its quiet, surrounded by a panorama of rare beauty.

For us who have discovered this place, at some point in our life, nature has taught us to live the rhythm of the seasons, to understand how important are the beneficial effects that can infuse our soul into contact, even for short ones periods.

Casentino is waiting for you

Every time a guest confesses that we feel at home, we know that it is in those words the ultimate meaning of what we have always wanted.

Our Services

Eco-friendly swimming pool

The MagnaPool system, based on the therapy of mineral science, refers to the absorption of magnesium through the skin. Pool open from May to September

Restaurant Service

Our kitchen, homemade and typical Tuscany, It is possible to reserve the Fiorentine steaks on the grill!

Breakfast service

Our breakfasts, with sweets, honey and homemade jams, will brighten your palates … ..

Free Wi-Fi in the room

All rooms and apartments are equipped with free wi-fi

Massages and Wellness

Thai Massage, Reflexology, Soul contact massages, yoga classes

Do you know what is the first statement of who arrives at the Borgo? What a wonderful place! They exaggerate? You will see you will confirm it!

Someone called it a “terrace on the Casentino” is placed at an ideal altitude, seven hundred meters. Its panorama is of rare beauty, from here you can admire the castles of Poppi and Romena. It is located on the edge of the National Park of the Casentinesi Forests, World Heritage Site 2017. The village is eighteenth century and completely renovated, with the presence of a sighting tower of the twelfth century, where we have made an apartment. Being guests of the Borgo means spending a holiday in contact with nature, its perfumes, its sounds, and often happen to spot the passage of deer and roe from its windows! From the village it is possible to make excursions in the National Park, up to the birth of the Arno river and to the peak of Mount Falco where it is possible to admire a breathtaking landscape. For moments of absolute relaxation, a panoramic swimming pool with Magnapool system, magnesium and potassium, for a fantastic water, that respects your skin, delicate on the hair and above all your eyes! At all this we add a simple and genuine cuisine, always looking for the old flavors. At Borgo you will not find sophisticated dishes, our nutritional philosophy is simple, healthy, with vegetables, homemade pasta, and then there is the shepherd, the farmer, the baker, all the people we know and who works with passion and seriousness

A little Tribe

together with our beloved little tribe of little animals Gemma Mina Eliot Nerino Pisolo and Stellina, we managed to organize this eighteenth-century village in the upper Casentino, in Tuscany.

Work and passion together

So the locality Tramonte has become the farm Borgo Tramonte where our passion finally coincides with our everyday life. Here you will experience a cuisine of other times, where the feeling of conviviality accompanies the flavors of our dishes.

Our and your dream

So in every dish there is a story to tell, in each recipe a little ‘lived life, in every ingredient the taste of nature still untouched. Borgo Tramonte is an agriturismo, but it is also our dream, and do you know what privilege in privileg? Share it with you!


Our best offer: The Forest: Soul body mind spirit

Today I accompany a group of people who will carry out a two-day forest therapy treatment. Unlike the forest bath, which lasts only a few hours, the cure is a real stay immersed in nature, during which everyone can discover something more about themselves and the...

Every day there is an offer!

Contact us by mail or phone shout us "I want the Borgooooo !!!" :)) This will be enough to have a discount !! Hello and see you soooooonnnnn!

Most come to the Village and the more you save

Do you like nature? .... You live in a busy city and you need contact with nature to regenerate? ... You need to disconnect from the usual routine with some frequency? If these questions corresponds an affirmative answer .... we thought of you! How? Each stay that you...


Fifth consecutive year!

Winning five consecutive Certificates of Excellence is an extraordinary achievement! This is the "Hall of Fame" entry logo. Thanks to Tripadvisor! ... but above all thanks to all of you who have always supported us with your wonderful comments!

Are you sporty …. do you love nature?

Rediscover the harmony of body and spirit practicing sports, immersed in the nature of the Casentino Forests National Park in Tuscany, led by a trainer! Sport stimulates the metabolism, strengthens the body, and gives optimism and well-being throughout the day! What...

Nature against stress ………. vacation in nature !!

In every walk in nature, man receives much more than what he is looking for. "JOHN MUIR The best weapon to combat stress is nature. According to the University of Michigan study, published in Frontiers in Psychology, spending at least 20 minutes a day in contact with...

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Casentino is
waiting for you

What is the best holiday to regenerate from psychophysical stress? We respond with this beautiful phrase: “Nature is the fuel of the soul” The Borgo is located in an optimal position for a holiday in contact with nature, being on the edge of the National Park of the Casentines Forests,Unesco World Heritage Site 2017.