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The Casentino Valley, a place rich in art, history, local specialties and beautiful landscapes to discover. Located about 50 kilometers east of Florence, this valley provides endless opportunities for all tastes and all ages: from medieval castles to visit, excursions to trekking in the old forests that surround it, the culinary delights to be enjoyed, to the fascinating secrets to discover the local traditions and anecdotes. Discover with us the Casentino Valley and the many opportunities that this region offers, you will not be disappointed! Among the many places to visit in Casentino, there we anticipate only a few, including the castles of Poppi, Romena and Porciano, the Franciscan sanctuary La Verna, the monastery of Camaldoli, the city of Stia, Pratovecchio and Castel San Niccol.Il Verna Sanctuary is the most evocative of this wonderful valle.Sono been to La Verna for the first time as a boy: our school He had organized a few days of spiritual retreat in this Franciscan monastery. At that time it was essentially a vacation, but I was still impressed by the beauty of this place and the peace that reigned there. So in the following years I went back several times, to spend a few days in the silence of the sanctuary and enjoy all the nature that surrounds it. I think it’s a special place, where it is easier to get in touch with if stessi.La Verna is one of the hearts of the religious Franciscan and even in a short visit is possible to grasp the many aspects of artistic, cultural, historical and religious. The Sanctuary is located on Mount Penna (also called La Verna), near Chiusi della Verna, in the province of Arezzo. Together with Camaldoli is the main place for spiritual and religious Casentino. Each year the Verna welcomes many visitors and not Christians, because today St. Francis is one of the most beloved saints in the world, as well as patron of Italia.Il Mount Verna was donated in 1213 to St. Francis by Count