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Surroundings to visit

Il Borgo is an excellent starting point for visiting the Casentino and cities of art such as Arezzo and Florence. Camaldoli, the Santuario della Verna, and the Parish Church of Romena are certainly the most famous and suggestive places in the Casentino area. Camaldoli is surrounded by nature with secular forests of rare beauty, to see there is the Hermitage of San Romualdo XI century, famous for the cells of the cloistered friars and in the village the sixteenth century Monastery and the Ancient Pharmacy where you can buy the products of the friars.

The Sanctuary of La Verna is a place that will remain in your interiority, is an important statement, but in these eighteen years of activity, we often had testimonies like: “I visited this place thirty years ago, and I always thought about going back ! The Pieve di Romena is a true jewel of the twelfth century is visited by thousands of people every year and is famous for its great spirituality that leaves its visitors. Besides the places of faith, the castles of Poppi with its Borgo, one of the most beautiful in Italy, Romena and Porciano, are of great importance. Worthy of note is the “stone village”, Raggiolo, a real gem of other times, not to be missed! About an hour drive to the wonderful villages of Anghiari and Cortona, combined with the visit of Arezzo.

Near the Sanctuary of La Verna, there is a place that is recommended to visit! Caprese Michelangelo, where the great Michelangelo Buonarroti was born, where the home is open and a small museum with the casts of the unfinished works, truly evocative … it seems that the characters try to escape from the marble! Finally the National Park of Casentino Forests, World Heritage Site 2017, defined as the most beautiful in Italy in 2016 and among the most beautiful in Europe! Wonderful waterfalls inside, with trees even millennia!

There is still much to be said, but do not worry! Because at the Borgo every morning, after breakfast, and based on time, we will recommend the most beautiful and evocative places to visit !!

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